Tiger Zinda Hai Logic Explained

Tiger Zinda Hai Logic Explained

Tiger Zinda Hai Logic Explained:

1. The US decides to do an air strike on an ISIS stronghold where the leader is being treated by Indian and Pak Nurses. After the Intel US gives 7 days to RAW to evacuate the nurses, where they think only one man can save them: Tiger. Out of 7 days, Tiger spends 3 days romancing his wife, going together on a vacation.

2. RAW and ISI decide to send their teams to evacuate the hospital of their citizens, and yet leave the place only with ISIS personnel as if the ISIS will not be able to get a hint of what is happening when all of a sudden their 100 nurses disappear.

3. 30 minutes prior to an air strike, the US representative calls up to ask RAW to evacuate their citizens. The RAW & ISI agents were aware that the ISIS stronghold has US citizens in it as well, however they did not break the intel to the US representatives.

4. The US still decides to bomb the empty place even after it is aware that the RAW and ISI operation led to the death of all ISIS personnel in the area and the US Army with RAW & ISI in Iraq had successfully captured the fortress and held it.

5. The ISIS Leader gets provoked by Tiger and decides to risk his life to see Tiger dead and drops all his other plans he has for the huge organization.

6. The bomb diffusing specialist who said this bomb cannot be defused gets persuaded by Tiger who knows nothing about diffusing a bomb that he is not trying hard enough.

7. Tiger’s shirt wrapped around his nose works better than any gas mask the terrorists were wearing.

8. The last scene had the ISIS leader has captured Zoya and was waiting for Tiger with a knife and not an AK-47.

9. Tiger and Zoya survive a full air strike that destroyed the whole fortress.

This movie made 200 Cr and we wonder why Indian movies do not win Oscars.

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