When do you know you are a programmer?

When do you know you are a programmer?


You know you are a programmer when:

  • C, R, and S are not just alphabets. (There are programming languages with more alphabets)
  • When someone asks you, what languages you can speak, you say C, C++, Java, and SQL.
  • Python is not just a snake.
  • Ruby is not just a gemstone.
  • MEAN is not what it means.
  • You understand what it means to Print a Queue, Traverse a List and Pop a Stack.
  • When you think of Black as #000000
  • When you realize the importance of ‘TRUE’ and ‘FALSE’ in life.
  • When you set an alarm to know it is time to sleep.
  • Bugs don’t mean insects to you but Nightmares and if you are to debug you do not use a terminator spray but your console.
  • Eclipse is not just the moon coming in between the sun and the earth.

and finally,

  • If a teacher asks you to write something on the board 10 times you use a loop statement!

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