Web App – Timetable Generator

Web App – Timetable Generator

Project Description

Time-Table Automation is an ongoing project under Prof. Nachiketa Tarasia’s supervision and guidance. The core objective of this project is to automate the process of creating timetables for schools and colleges because the manual effort involved in creating a timetable for an institute is huge. The software must be scalable because the number of sections of a class in a school or a college is huge.

The project is an open-source web app currently under development. The project uses JavaScript as it’s programming language and uses the MEAN Stack technologies for the same. The project uses the Genetic Algorithm to generate the best possible solution for the problem based on the inputs provided. The algorithm takes, teacher’s available schedule, the subject of expertise, class hours, availability of classrooms, and many other properties to consider the automation of the project. The software should also take care of any collisions that happen in the timetable like no teacher can have two classes at the same time, no class can have the same period one after another, and so on. You can help me with the project by contributing on Github.

The software will be provided as a SaaS on a domain very soon!

More Information

Project Undertaken: November 2017

Project Status: Ongoing