Web App – Socket.io based Chat Application

Web App – Socket.io based Chat Application

Project Description

This project, a Chat API was developed under the guidance of Ayush Agarwal, CEO of LectureNotes, during my internship with lecturenotes.in. LectureNotes is a start-up company based in Bhubaneswar which provides lecture notes of all colleges in Bhubaneswar. The company has a user base of 40,000 and keeps growing each day. The start-up plans to expand its business across all colleges and universities across India and plans to be a complete educational hub in the next few years.

The internship task is to create an instant chat service where students could message faculties asking for doubts or solutions they cannot understand. The chat service API uses Socket.io, as the client-server communication library, NodeJS server, and ExpressJS as the backend with MongoDB as the NoSQL Database. You can see the basic implementation, which I created during the internship here.

More Information

Project Undertaken: May 2017
Project Duration: 2 Months