Web App – Basic Blogging Platform

Web App – Basic Blogging Platform

Project Description

BlogIt is a basic blogging platform developed by me as a project during my Training in AngularJS. The training was of six weeks, by Internshala Virtual Training Classes. BlogIt has the basic features of a blogging platform: Login, Register, Blog Dashboard, Rich Text Editor, a view for reading Blog Posts, Comments, UpVote and Downvote. Since the training was on AngularJS, this project is developed using AngularJS as the front-end framework.

The project was coded in Cloud9, an open-source online integrated development environment. The backend is on Stamplay, which is a BaaS: – Backend as a Service. BaaS help developers to accelerate software development and simplify API creation. I am currently working on improving the project UI and will be deploying it soon. You can see the source code and the progress here at GitHub.

More Information

Project Undertaken: July 2017
Project Duration: 1 Month