What is wrong with the Indian Education System?

What is wrong with the Indian Education System?


I am talking about the character here, where Rancho labeled this person as a “gadha” because first, he did engineering, then MBA in the US and then ended up doing a job in a Bank, just like many other Indians do.

Students in India pursue engineering in most of the colleges is simply because they want a job, not because they want a job in the field of Engineering. Just to get a job parents send their students from class 6 to IIT-JEE coaching and tuition. Here in India, people take up engineering to just get a certificate as a proof that they are ‘educated.’ Not everybody loves engineering, almost everybody hates engineering.

Today we have engineers in who write books and judge dance shows, we have engineers who do jobs in banks, and in fields not at all related to engineering. This has degraded engineering education in our country to such an extent that getting a job has become harder. Indian engineers are considered ‘unfit’ and ‘unemployable’ (see the numbers).

I am currently in my second year of engineering and I randomly ask people what they want to be when they grow up. I still got answers like getting a job, do an MBA, do business and 2–3 out of my class of 60 actually wanted to code (in my branch) and they loved what they are doing. With this number of people in a classroom, let us multiply the ratio to the total number of students pursuing engineering education in India. Numbers never lie, right?

I was passionate about computers and wanted to pursue a career in it. So I sat with over a million of candidates to appear what they call, the toughest competitive exam in the world. Didn’t make it.

Why didn’t I make it? I didn’t understand or (still understand) why do I need to study Physics, Chemistry so hard to study Computer Science Engineering in an IIT. And, people who love Physics, Chemistry end up doing engineering in CSE and do not know a shit about coding. To make things worse our reservation system makes sure people who love neither engineering or science make into these premium institutions of the country without much effort.

What is wrong with Indian Education System? It makes SURE right people go to the wrong place, and wrong people go to the right place. * Slow Claps *

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