The easily mislead Indians

The easily mislead Indians

A friend of mine comes up with an article on some random Website and says, “Did you see that? Snapchat’s CEO said India is too poor to use its app!”

I read the article. It actually annoyed me. He continued, “Everyone is uninstalling the app and rating it 1 star on Google Play Store! Go do it, bro!”

I had never used Snapchat in my life. Still, I decided to leave a 1-star rating on the Play Store. He said, “Let’s show him what 1.25Billion Indians can do, even Mukesh Ambani can purchase 7 Snapchat Apps. See the comments on the posts! See how Indians have trolled him!”

I read through all the comments. Some were extremely witty, some were extremely funny and almost all of them iced the burn caused to the sentiments of Indians.

I felt gratified and proud of what we Indians are capable of. I saw the ratings of the app falling. Almost 100000’s of Indians rating it 1 star.

I decided to look deep into the matter. Why did Snapchat CEO have to say it? Where did he say it? When did he say it?

I couldn’t find a press report quoting him. I couldn’t find a video of the same either. What I found was an ex-employee of Snapchat had some feud with his CEO and he had filed a lawsuit which claimed/alleged that Snapchat CEO had said in one of the board meetings that he didn’t want to expand to poor countries like India and Spain.

Then I read the XYZ website’s version of the story:

The Headlines Read:

“Snapchat CEO says India and Spain too poor to use it’s App”

I checked multiple such websites’s some read the same headline and few mentioned, “We have no official verification of the information but……”

So these websites removed the word “alleged/claims” in their headlines and heated up the matter.

We Indians have fooled again. All that nationalism for nothing. All that rage and anger on the basis of inaccurate and statements with no verification.

What is happening to our country? Who do we blame? Media is misleading us or the fault lies with us? Why don’t we verify the information we read from a source before reacting to it? Why do we forward hoax WhatsApp messages to everybody?

Even if the Snapchat’s CEO did say it, where was he wrong? We are poor. Poor in wealth and poor in intellect. I read it somewhere, “2% of the population of our country is richer than the rest of the people combined”. Does that make India a rich country? I leave it for you to decide.

We Indians spent so much time and energy on trolling the Snapchat’s CEO. Had we spent even a small fraction of it verifying the information we read from social media sites we would have proven ourselves to be smart. I hope this changes. I hope we become rich in intellect someday.

Things like this make me (a proud Indian) sad.

As you read this answers there are still people who are misinformed about the rumor spreading and people are still rating the all 1 star on play store and uninstalling it. Spread this answer and answers similar to mine and help stop this rumor spreading around the internet.

Some people confused Snapchat with Snapdeal and rated it 1 star on Play Store and uninstalling it. It is hilarious. People actually don’t read even the twisted headlines properly. *face-palm*

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